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Frequently Asked Questions

  • After we purchase a CISME, how we will know how to assemble it/properly use it?

    • When you purchase a CISME, we strongly encourage the buyer to include a training session at your facility. Depending on where you are located, either Dr. Szmant or Dr. Whitehead will come to you to train you and your researchers on how to assemble and properly use the CISME. Alternatively, you can come to our facility in Wilmington, NC, to be trained. If cost is an issue, we also have an assembly video that can be followed to properly put t​he instrument together. Please reach out if you have specific training questions or requests. 

  • Can CISME be used to analyze substrates other than corals?

    • Yes! The "C" in CISME also stands for community, meaning that the instrument is able to be used as a diagnostic tool for turf algae, crustose coralline algae, algal plates, and other benthic substrates​. (We've tried water column productivity, and it does not work.

  • How does CISME measure calcification?

    • CISME itself does not measure calcification, but the sample loop provides a water sample that can be titrated for total alkalinity, from which calcification rates are calculated. 

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